August 23rd Women Untethered Newsletter

This week’s challenge. View entire newsletter here.


This week’s challenge!

Shift direction!

Write down whatever area of your life in which you are feeling stuck, lost, or unmotivated. Be honest with yourself!

Write down all the attempts you have tried to change this particular area of your life.

Below are a list of suggestions on what to do from here. Feel free to try one, two, or all of them.

  • Burn the original list of things you have tried
  • Write a list of new things you have yet to try
  • Try one item on the new list
  • Say “f*** it” and burn the new list
  • Write a list of all things that currently make you happy
  • Do one of those things that makes you happy right now
  • Do one ‘happy list’ thing every day
  • Only do things that are on your happy list and forget about trying to change at all
Which one of these items makes your body feel like it’s free? Which items make your heart sing? Perhaps a new opportunity to shift direction came to you while reading this?

Perhaps if you are so entrenched in your circle of pain none of this is resonating with you. That is ok. Breathe into each of the suggestions and see if any of them release the tension in your shoulders just a little bit. Sometimes, it’s all about the baby steps.

Which suggestions resonate the most for you? Which tools have you tried to successfully shift direction? Do you have new suggestions that could help others in the same boat? Visit the supportive, closed group Women Untethered over on Facebook and share.

Let’s be wild and free together!

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August 2 Women Untethered Newsletter

This week’s challenge. View the entire newsletter here.


Become aware.

This week, write a list of all your self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and projections. You are likely not aware of most of them. And, you can’t change what you don’t know needs changing.

Start a list somewhere you will pass by often and keep a pen or pencil nearby. Once you begin noticing your limiting patterns, more will begin to surface. Write them down as you become aware.

Do not focus on changing anything yet. Just create awareness. Then, head on over to the Women Untethered FaceBook Group and share your limiting beliefs or any other awareness that has come to you.

Let’s be wild and free together!