August 30th Women Untethered Newsletter

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This week’s challenge!

Get outside!

I don’t mean take a walk from your house to your car. I mean, deliberately spend at least 10-15 minutes outside in the presence of nature. It doesn’t have to be woods or even a park, just anywhere you can find a patch of grass or even one lone tree.

Even city dwellers can find a bit of nature among their setting. Perhaps you have plants out on your windowsill. Well, then open the window, grab your cup of tea, and commune with those plants. Or, perhaps step outside and just begin to note how many birds, bees, and other critters you see flitting about.

Note how being in nature’s presence makes you feel. Do you feel more open? Do you sense the peace? Are you agitated? Whatever you feel, allow it without judgment. It’s all a part of the healing process.

Have some questions? Need guidance or just someone to witness your experience? Head on over to the closed, non-judgmental Facebook group Women Untetheredand share.

Let’s be wild and free together!

(all images via Pixabay)