August 16th Women Untethered Newsletter

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This week’s challenge!


It’s time to return to our ancestral roots by incorporating play back into our lives. I don’t mean the occasional girls night out or once a year vacation. I am talking about daily play.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen (or a notes app on your phone). Set your timer for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, see how many games you can write down that you used to play as a child. Go ahead, I will wait.

Now, review that list. What games can you incorporate in your life right now? Which ones wouldn’t require too much extra time or money? Which ones make your body sing at the thought of doing them again?

It’s time to go do them. Today. Right now. If dancing was a game you played, crank up the music and dance all by yourself. Let loose and allow your body to feel the music. If singing is your thing, find somewhere where you can belt the songs out at the top of your lungs without feeling judged. If running is your thing (yes! some people find running to be very playful), lace up those sneakers.

There is no protocol to incorporating play back in your life. Do it at your own pace. If the only thing you want to do today is buy yourself some new paint brushes, then do that. If you’ve always wanted to go ziplining and have the money and time for it, what are you waiting for?

As anything, this is a practice. Some days you will remember, others you won’t. Some days you will feel angry and not have any desire to play, then don’t. (although play would be the greatest antidote for that…) Some days the most you may be able to accomplish is to think about a new way to play. The important thing is to begin making play a priority, not something to be done when you can find the time. You make the time.

I would love to know what play looks like for you. Head on over to Women Untethered on facebook and show off pictures of you playing, share your artwork, or just let us know what style of play helps free your soul.

Let’s be wild and free together!

(all images via Pixabay)

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